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Organizational Agility Assessment 

The Organizational Agility Assessment is a tool used to identify 15 key processes in order for your team to self-assess how they anticipate change, generate confidence, initiate action, think independently and evaluate results. The assessment is part of the Agility model using 75 key organizational behaviors that are essential in creating a well-blended organization. 


Disruptive Strategy Facilitation 

In today’s business world, disruption can be devastating to any company. In fact, when business is disrupted, only around 10 percent of all companies are able to survive. This makes disruptive strategy facilitation even more critical. Landi & Company provides you and your team with the tools and technologies necessary to handle any disruption, helping you promote change, deal with uncertainty and become as flexible as possible in a world that can change in an instant. Our tools and techniques can help your company be part of that 10 percent. 


Agile-C Suite Mindset

An Agile enterprise is one that focuses on innovation, thrives on flexibility and has a strong desire to accelerate growth. Using the Agile-C Suite mindset, you can improve the time it takes to get your products on the shelves, generate better quality products, adapt to any change that is thrown your way and create a team that is vibrant, committed and content. Whether your company is just starting out with the Agile-C mindset or you have experience with the concept, we can help your company transform, run miles ahead of your competition and provide your customers with the best possible service. 


Workforce Resiliency Pivot 

The ability to pivot and adjust in a business climate that seems to be changing daily is critical to your company’s success. You need to have a culture of innovation, free-thinking and be open to new ideas. You need people with a passion for learning and the ability to communicate a vision in a way that makes others want to help achieve that vision. We can provide you and your staff with the tools you need to do just that. Our strategies can create a workforce in your company that thrives on change, offering tips on brainstorming, thinking outside the box and other methods that have proven to drive innovation when an industry begins to pivot in a new direction. 

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Regroup, Refocus, Renew 

Change is difficult for everyone and it is especially difficult when people are frightened about what the future holds. Landi & Company can help your staff regroup to meet the new challenges, refocus their talents in a way that crushes the challenge and look at their job with a renewed focus. Stressed employees are not good employees, so you need the tools to guide them through changes, meeting their needs for security as well. 

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