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The “S” in Operation S.H.I.F.T. stands for “speed,” but not the type of speed that means your employees must work faster. Instead, the speed is accelerated change consulting. Our goal is to help your team work smarter which will, in turn, make them work faster. We use several techniques to achieve this goal. 

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Every business owner knows that it is the human capital in their company that keeps the business moving. You need employees who are energetic, emotionally connected to the job they are doing and have a connection to the goals you have set for your organization. This is why the “H” in our Operation S.H.I.F.T. stands for the human experience found in every company. 

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Innovation creates team breakthroughs and Landi & Company offers innovation training that is designed to help your team “think outside the box.” Industry change requires people to be innovative and come up with solutions that may seem outrageous, unusual and different. You want your team to be able to address any challenge and come up with viable solutions. 


Change happens and there is little we can do to stop it. Today, there are many changes in the business world, ranging from diversity, inclusion, cultural differences, and even changes to the generations who are in the workforce today. 


Transparency is critical today especially with people returning to the workplace and concerned about remaining healthy. Landi & Company can provide you with some tech-enabled operationalized solutions which include a VR App, data built shared reality, apps that provide COVID-19 screening and more. Virtual reality apps area available that are designed to improve interpersonal skills and we can demonstrate how the apps can benefit your company. 

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