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Secure the Bag Just by Showing Up

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Walking into a premiere upstream Oil and Gas conference and realizing that once again I would be “one of the only“— caused me to take a deep breath after taking my seat for the first session.

In the following moments of my North American Prospect Expo, NAPE Summit experience, I made the defining decision that I would be the one to reach out and connect to the majority in the room who didn’t look like me.

My familiarity with analytical personality types often found in STEM professions, proved that the majority had already judged and determined my “likability” and that my friendly, approachable style was an outlier for this crowd. When a geologist that I sparked a conversation with during networking shared “I was thinking about talking to you but didn’t know how to approach you,” I knew I made the right decision when I chose to really “show up.”

You see, I know what it’s like to shape the culture of a company, I also know how challenging it can be to do the work. “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast“ emphasizes just how much people matter to the greatest of plans. This concept is but one of the many great insights that I gained from attending the NAPE Summit. I do understand that yes I stand out, and yes I am different than the majority in many rooms, but more importantly that...

YES I am the one that also needs to be inclusive to close the gaps between the knowledge and power of the CEOs, Geologists, Landmen, Economists, E&P, and Technologists in the room — because without my Diversity of Perspective, they will be the ones who are excluded.

By participating in fireside chats and networking with geologists, software developers, geophysicists, storage service provider, startup founders, economist, landmen and E & P leaders I was able to enhance my understanding of the needs for the Future of Work, for the Energy sector.

When working with leaders, service providers, technologist, employees and the related professional organizations, I bring a growth approach to change and innovation. Now thanks to my enhanced understanding of the specific needs, my competitive advantage is strengthened beyond my operational expertise and the capacity to see gaps and continuous improvement opportunities (Lean Six Sigma) — within people, the culture and human capital.

Thanks to Mark Hamzat and the Houston Geological Society for bringing together such spectacular speakers, panelist and industry experts.

The current state specific to Oil and Gas exists as a VUCA environment, which means there is— Volatility of oil prices; Uncertainty of the geopolitical dynamics; Complexity of shifting policies; and the Ambiguity effect. And the current state and the Future of Technology improves safety across Oil and Gas operations while driving growth, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Still yet at its core, the most common challenges across the energy sector all begin with the human factors of Change Management:
1. Overcoming Resistance
2. Faster Adaptation
3. Knowledge Silos

The human factors of change management begin with the humans that are present, engaged and in the room.


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