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Reblog: The Winning Brand Podcast

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Landi Spearman HELPS COMPETITIVE, GROWTH-ORIENTED COMPANIES CLOSE THE MILLENNIAL GAP to accelerate the ROI of change and navigate the challenges that stunt profitability, productivity and performance.

Landi says' "We understand that how the world sees you may not be how YOU see you. We get it. You're only one SHIFT away from the person you want to be  -- more accomplished, more balanced, more you." 

Keynote Speaker, Multi-generational Expert, Panelist, Moderator, Facilitator, Host & Workshop Leader.

Recognized as a forward thinking, trusted adviser with passion and drive for creating disruption and building agile, inclusive workplaces. Exceptionally skilled at implementing incremental, pragmatic change and process improvement for every phase of growth, across countries and cultures. Deep expertise in transforming frustrated leaders, struggling companies and their Millennial talent, into confident communicators, intergenerational partners and high-performance teams.

Landi leverages more than 15 years of deep cross functional knowledge with Fortune 500 Companies guiding leaders facing the pressure of generational conflict and rapid fire change.

Providing companies with Organized Shift™ to support Millennials with the development they need by delivering sustainable solutions that reduce time, error and risk involving human capital.

The Result:

Happier, more Productive Teams, a Bigger Impact and Increased Earnings.

  • For Millennials, unleash the power of reverse mentorship to transfer and skills and knowledge to the next generation.

  • For seasoned employees, discover how to pivot your skills and utilize technology for sustainability in your continued career.

Landi’s personal testimony that inspired SHIFT in her life and the practical and applicable methods to make changes that may seem arduous. Achieve ultimate happiness and satisfaction as you SHIFT in your career and life. Discover how to add to the growing list of success stories Landi has created.

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