Landi Spearman

Executive Advisor | Millennial Mentor

Helping Leaders + Millennials + Brands SHIFT


“Seven success stories.” My father believed every person in my family would turn out to be a success story. When I married my husband, he changed it to “eight success stories”. He and my mother both lived and breathed business, community, and education. Their teachings would prepare and develop me as the catalyst to generational success for my family, and now for you and your business.


My career has involved intense change and explosive growth, which has created core values and an undeniable drive in me. I’ve worked for industry giants such as Kraft, GE, and Pottery Barn. I’ve been featured on prominent stages by Marriott, the Ellen Show, and National Urban League, all because of what my parents and leadership experiences instilled in me. Personal development is the key to professional growth. 


As an executive coach, I not only get to the root of change to develop people and grow businesses, I implement my patented S.H.I.F.T. method to accelerate them to the next step in their life and business cycle. This is especially important across generations as the landscape of the American working class evolves. I ease the evolution and close the gap between uncertainty and success. I am not only an agent of change, I’m a builder. I left a six-figure real estate career to build human capital and grow businesses. 


As a trusted advisor, I’ve coached from the C-level to the shopfloor, to develop leaders who can unlock value at every stage of growth and accelerate to stay ahead of the curve. I’ve led change management projects, delivered fireside chats and keynotes, and facilitated intergenerational team initiatives to improve productivity, revenue, and culture across industries. Like the love of my family and children, S.H.I.F.T. doesn’t feel like work to me. It is my purpose and I’m ready to help you and your business experience yours. Are you ready to add another success story to the growing number of stories that my late parents envisioned? Then contact me and learn more about what S.H.I.F.T. entails and how I can take you and your business to the next level!

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