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Inspired Teams Coaching 

Do you want your leaders to instruct their team what to do or do you want them to inspire your team? If you want your staff to be inspired, you need leaders who are more coaches than they are managers. A manager only focuses on logistics while a coach is there to push the team to their highest level. Of course, logistics is critical to your business, but the best leaders are those who can not only manage the day-to-day operations but also inspire their team to succeed. Employees who feel valued are far more likely to stay with a company than those who are not. In fact, there are statistics to indicate that more people leave a company because they feel underappreciated than because they were offered a higher salary. 

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Innovation Training 

Landi & Company offers innovation training designed to create an organization that is not only innovative but is also collaborative. We can teach your staff how to brainstorm and develop new ideas in order to remain competitive. We take the mystery out of innovation, providing your staff with tried and true methods that are designed to get their creative juices flowing and allow them to develop ideas that will move your company into the forefront. 

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Power Teamwork Skills 

Just as you need your leaders to understand the power they have, you want your team to understand their own power within the organization. Landi & Company gives them the skills they need to put their power to work. We help your staff understand where their power lies, how their abilities work with the abilities of other and how to mesh those abilities cohesively in order to get things done. 

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Group Behavioral Assessment 

Every group has its own personalities. Even if your employees work in different groups, each one has their own behaviors that will come through no matter what project they are working on. Our group behavioral assessment allows them to identify behaviors that promote teamwork as well as those that may hinder how well a team performs. By understanding behaviors that may be detrimental to the team process, your staff can begin to make adjustments in order to become a more blended group. 


Inclusive Design Thinking 

One of the areas that many business owners ignore is the design of their workspaces. Today, many companies are moving to an inclusive design concept. Inclusive design focuses on ergonomics, flexibility and equitability, taking into consideration the abilities of all members of your team. The design should be easy to understand, minimize hazards and appeal to everyone, eliminating certain stigmas. We can help you identify barriers to inclusion and make changes that will allow you to overcome them. 

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