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Executive Coaching 

Your employees are only as good as the people who lead them. You want your executive leadership team to be willing to make a difference and who are willing to challenge the team they lead. Executive coaching provides your leadership team with several advantages including: 

  • Build deeper relationships both at work and at home in order to make a difference in others 

  • Desire to dig deep into their own growth to assist those who report to them 

  • Gain a good work-life balance 

  • Trust that their team will succeed in any goal they attempt 

  • Willingness to learn skills beyond their job description 

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Leadership Behavioral Assessment 

Before your leaders can become good motivators, they need to understand their own leadership behaviors. Landi & Company uses a leadership behavioral assessment that will give your leadership team an understanding of what type of leader they actually are. The assessment may identify which of your leadership team are dominant, which are influential, which are steady and which are conscientious. Although a leader may have all of these qualities, one is more than likely dominant and learning which can help you adjust job duties to better meet your company needs. 


Power Interpersonal Skill Development 

The word power may have one definition, but it has many meanings in the business world. For the most part, power exists when one individual or group has the ability to cause another group or individual to take an action they may not have taken on their own without direction. Someone with power changes the behavior of another, even if the change occurs in a subtle way and not a forceful way. Landi & Company helps your staff understand the dynamics of power and how it may impact the organization interpersonally. It is possible that someone who thought they had no power actually has a considerable amount while someone who thought they were powerful actually has very little. This will allow you to make some adjustments with your team to balance power and allow your staff to work more cohesively. 


People-Powered Leadership Language 

One of the tools Landi & Company will use is providing your team with words that not only give them power but also help them lead. These may be simple suggestions such as simply saying thank you rather than qualifying your comments or telling someone “Here’s something to think about” as opposed to telling them what you want. It entails eliminating negative statements like “that will never happen” or “just do it my way.” Your staff will learn how to listen first and talk last as well as body language cues that indicate certain attitudes or responses. 


Overcome Breakdowns, Barriers and Obstacles 

All of this will come together to help you overcome the breakdowns, barriers and obstacles that are holding your company back. Your executive leadership will understand the best ways to lead and your staff will have language suggestions that are powerful yet inclusive. Landi & Company will teach them how to work together in order to achieve a common goal. 

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