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Generational Change 

Generational differences in the workplace can lead to conflict as different generations have differing mindsets about how things should be done. New technology and work patterns as people of multiple generations try to work together in teams. Older workers may be competitive and think younger people need to “pay the dues.” They may be more comfortable working on their own while younger people are more comfortable with teams, getting feedback and using as much technology as possible. There are several strategies that work to bridge those gaps, including starting a mentoring program which allows older workers to provide their knowledge to younger workers while younger workers can help guide the older workers in technology. 

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Diversity and Inclusion 

Research indicates that although many companies believe they are creating a diverse workforce, statistics indicate that this may not be as prevalent as believed. In the past six years, large companies like Amazon and Facebook have increased the hiring of females from 15 percent to 23 percent. However, the hiring of people of color only increased from 3 percent to 3.8 percent. More needs to be done to promote diversity and inclusion. Landi & Company offers tips, ideas and practices that can help you create a more diverse workforce which provides your company with several benefits. You will find a variety of perspectives which can help promote idea formation. Diverse workplaces are more creative, more productive and can boost the reputation of your brand. In addition, the more diverse your workforce, the less fear your employees have and there is evidence that performance is actually improved. 


Cultural Competency 

Cultural competence indicates that your staff understands, communicates and interacts effectively across cultures. Landi & Company offers tips and strategies that will help the many cultures that exist in your company blended together in order to improve communication and understanding. Your team members will gain an understanding of their own worldview while also gaining knowledge of other cultures in order to develop positive attitudes about those are may be different. 


Virtual Team Intelligence 

In today’s business world, it is not unusual for your team members to work virtually. You may have employees who work around the world who must connect with others virtually in order to complete tasks each day. Virtual team building requires different strategies than in-person team building. There are many benefits to a virtual workforce. Employees can better manage their work-home life and they are able to interact with colleagues on a global level. Businesses benefit with a smaller carbon footprint and the ability to hire good talent from anywhere in the world. However, virtual teams have many challenges. Landi & Company can provide you with ideas that can help your virtual teams run smoothly. 

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